Profiting From Saying "No"

  • Date

    January 18, 2022

  • Time

    3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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    Zoom Webinar

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When we first hear this phrase it sounds counter intuitive. How can we profit if we are turning down prospects? Although we all want to have a roster of clients and projects to work on throughout the year, not all projects are profitable or worthwhile to pursue. The underlying falsehood is our obsession with being ‘busy’ and confusing being ‘busy’ with being ‘successful’. Typically, we want our businesses to profit across a number of criteria: financially, intellectually, artistically. We must know when to say NO to certain clients and projects. Saying ‘no’ is simply the articulated recognition that the criteria for success that we have set for ourselves and our companies have not been met. It is a learned skill. It is easily forgotten. It requires discipline.


  • Haig Seferian

    Haig Seferian CLD, OALA, CSLA, FASLA

    Seferian Design Group

    Burlington, ON

    As founder of Seferian Design Group, Haig has been instrumental in developing the firm and continues to help develop industry standards not only from the aspect of design, but construction as well.

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  • Beth Edney

    Beth Edney CLD CIFD

    Designs By The Yard

    Toronto, ON

    Beth is entering her 35th year in the world of Horticulture.

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  • Frank Ferragine

    Frank Ferragine

    Frank Ferragine aka Frankie Flowers is Canada's garden expert! Wild about weather and passionate about plants he is a 4 time best selling author, award winning horticulturalist and Toronto's most popular weatherman.

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  • Jim Mosher

    Jim Mosher

    Landscape Plus Ltd

    Etobicoke, ON

    "The summer job that never ended.

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