Nadina Galle

Nadina Galle PhD

Internet of Nature

An ecological engineer by training, Dr. Nadina Galle researches, designs, and pilots emerging technologies to better monitor (and reconnect people to) urban ecosystems – a framework she coined in her doctoral thesis called the “Internet of Nature” (IoN). Nadina is a postdoctoral researcher at University College Dublin (UCD) Spatial Dynamics Lab, a seasonal lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, and a former Fulbright scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Senseable City Lab. Academically, Nadina has published on soil biology, urban forestry, and techno-ecology. Outside of academia, Nadina specializes in STEM communication, is a TEDx and keynote speaker, and works to bring several IoN technologies to market. Her work has been recognized by BBC Earth, National Geographic, The Next Web, Newsweek, ELLE, and the European Space Agency. In 2020, she was featured on the #ForbesUnder30 List for Science and Healthcare.

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